Author: Dagmar Valdmanová

The dice are rolled

Play with dinosaurus

Final Building Approval of 1st phase of our sister project Verde Slaný

How well do you know meadow flowers?

Magic potion – treasure hunt

Relive the magic of Philippi Jacob Night

The construction of the elementary school

Workshop “Move and develop”

Spring activities

Drahelčice elementary school – handover of the construction site

Carnival fun – make a mask

The launch of sales of the 6th stage of the Na Malé Růži project is coming soon

We won the award in the competition Real Estate Project of the Year 2023

Kindergarten extension in Drahelčice

Drahelčice is part of the National Network of Healthy Cities

Construction of our next project Verde Slaný

A letter to Santa

The opening ceremony of the Northern Road in the location Na Malé Růži took place

Cutouts from Drahelčice

Princes and Princesses – Worksheets

Preparation of 6th phase

Building permit for primary school in Drahelčice.

Compete with us for the most beautiful and inspiring garden