Magic potion – treasure hunt

Enrich the children’s witches with the treasure hunting game we have prepared for you.

You start the game by downloading it HERE (only in czech), printing it and preparing a treasure for the children.

You can prepare the whole game in different ways. You can hide a card with a task on a certain route in advance, or create a map where you can record the places where the tasks are ready, or you can mark them with colored streamers right in the field.
If you don’t have enough time to prepare, you can do it “from the table” and estimate the places where the tasks will be, and then an adult will always go a little in the foreground to prepare the task.
The last option is that no such preparation takes place and you can give tasks to the children at random – at the moment when it suits you.

At the beginning of the game, read the introduction to the game to the children, this will introduce them to the story. Then follow 7 stations, where children will collect individual letters or parts of pictures for each completed task. It depends on whether your child can already read.
The letter and image are ready in the document – just print and cut. Text on individual letters and image on 7 parts as indicated.

At the end of the game, the children make up a word or put together a picture. You read the end of the story and give the children the treasure, or tell them where it is hidden.