A letter to Santa

Hello all little angels,

the most beautiful and magical time of the year is coming soon – Christmas. And what is the best thing about Christmas? Well, gifts! Do you already know what you want under the tree? And does Jesus know it too? Isn’t it? Then it’s high time to paint him or write a letter.

We have prepared two sample letters to Santa – one for girls and one for boys. Ask your parents to print the letter for you, find colored crayons, sit comfortably at the table and you can get down to business.

Every letter to Santa is magical, so there is no need to stick a postage stamp on it and throw it in the mailbox. Just put the letter behind the window and Santa will find it himself.

And don’t forget that Santa loves sincere and kind wishes the most. Therefore, in your letter, also think of your loved ones – mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers…