Cutouts from Drahelčice

We have prepared the first of a series of paper cutouts for you and your children.
Come and make a piece of our shared home with the children.

Cutouts can be found HERE.

Procedure and aids

  1. Prepare scissors, glue, crayons and strong cardboard measuring 30 x 30 cm. We recommend straight manicure scissors for cutting out the details.
  2. First, color the house, fence, trees and animals. What will the roof be like? Will a bird sit on it? Or is it snowy? Shall we hang an Advent wreath on the front door? … The possibilities are endless!
    Try to draw a bell and write your name on the front door of the house with the children.
  3. Carefully cut out the house, fence, trees and animals along the marked lines and bend the dashed line at an angle of 90 degrees according to the ruler. Adapt the other bends to the structure. You can also cut through windows and doors to open up the whole house. How about placing Lego figures in it? Who’s peeking out the door? And where does dad park his car?
  4. Glue the house to the mat. That your cat is blue? But it doesn’t matter at all! The house and its inhabitants are here.

We are neighbors

Take a picture of your cutouts for us and share your children’s creations with other neighbors.
The pink newspaper that we publish for you every month is also for children and their wonderful creations.

Will you join?

Do you like Drahelčické cutouts?
Take photos, write to us… we are here for you at:

And let’s come up with the next release together.