About project

The Na Malé Růži project can be found in the village of Drahelčice, just 10 minutes west of Prague. This is a family area consisting of terraced houses, detached houses and semi-detached houses. The project is located in the well-equipped suburban area of Rudná. The developer group F&S Invest a.s. is the investor behind the residential project.

Construction began in 2012. Currently, we have already completed five successfully completed stages, thanks to which 223 families have already found their homes in Na Malé Růži. The location of the project in close proximity to Prague makes it an ideal place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, but still have to commute to work.

The village of Drahelčice in combination with the neighboring Rudná provides all civic amenities, including schools, a medical center and many shops and restaurants. The surrounding landscape is ideal for cycling, and the Křivoklátsko protected landscape area will delight you on more than one family trip.

As part of the Na Malá Růži development project in Drahelčice, we have built a total of 223 family houses for new owners in five phases in recent years.

The 6th phase, which is scheduled to start at the turn of spring / summer 2024, will bring 40 new homes in energy-efficient single-family houses.

You can easily reach Drahelčice from Zličín by car in 10 minutes. Or you can use the line bus PID number 307 and the journey will take you 16 minutes.


Final Building Approval of 1st phase of our sister project Verde Slaný

The construction of the elementary school

Drahelčice elementary school – handover of the construction site