We are currently preparing

You no longer have to waste time looking for land, arguing with masons and waiting for approval! We do all this for you! Finally a home where you won’t be afraid to let your kids out! Morning coffee in your garden or a run in the surrounding nature. So don’t hesitate any longer, welcome home!

6th phase

This is already the 6th phase of the successful construction of a residential project in the village of Drahelčice in the Prague-West location. In the current stage you will find a total of 6 different types of family houses. We started the construction of the 1st phase already in 2012, and a total of 223 families have already found new housing here.

Newly even more economical

The 6th phase includes a total of 40 family houses, of which 32 are in the extremely energy-efficient class A with heat pump heating, central recuperation, underfloor heating and preparation for photovoltaics, and 8 houses in the energy-saving class B with gas boiler heating.

Houses in EN class A
S101 to S132

Houses in EN class B
S124* to S131*

Energy-saving technologies*

Heat pump

Heating and domestic hot water heating in our buildings are realized using an air/water heat pump with bivalent electric reheating. The selected model has an excellent heating factor, which guarantees high efficiency of the heat pump and, as a result, more economical operation of the entire device.

Central recovery

Central recuperation is used to ventilate the house, which ensures a constant supply of fresh air, reduces the building's heat loss and efficiently removes polluted air.

Preparation for photovoltaics

Preparation for the future installation of a photovoltaic system in the range of a maximum of five photovoltaic panels, which includes the reinforcement of the roof, a spare place in the switchboard and the creation of penetrations in the structures.

Wood pellet stove

As an additional source of heat, a stove with automatic fuel supply will be installed, showing high combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Floor heating

Most rooms are heated by a floor heating system. The system is further complemented by a tubular heating ladder in the bathrooms with an additional electric cartridge and in possible combination with low-temperature radiators.

Shielding technology

Preparation for the installation of outdoor blinds in already implemented hidden boxes in the facade above the windows with a pre-prepared space for the future installation of outdoor blinds with a motor. Part of the preparation is the wiring of the electrical installation, including the necessary circuit breakers in the switchboard and switches located near the windows.

*Except 8 houses S124*-131*

Let life bloom!

It is said that a person has several important tasks in life: build a house, plant a tree and take care of offspring. All this used to require a huge amount of energy, determination and physical effort. Today, however – thanks to the Na Malá Růži project – you don’t have to build houses or plant trees, because we do it for you. On the other hand, raising offspring is fully under your control, but we will help your children grow up in a beautiful and healthy natural environment, where they can also enjoy all the modern comforts of the capital city.