The Na Malé Růži project is located in places where you can find everything you need for a happy life within a radius of two kilometers. Basic services are available directly in the village, complete civic amenities (health center, post office, library, bank, associations, restaurants, sports clubs, etc.) can be found in Rudná u Prahy next door. Due to its size, Drahelčice is one of the smaller municipalities, but it organizes many events, children’s camps, and leisure activities for children for its residents.

In the future, there are plans to extend the cycle path from Stodůlky in Prague via Rudná and Drahelčice to the recreation area of Křivoklátské lesy and the Kačák valley. This year, the construction of a primary school started in the village of Drahelčice. In addition, the village has a kindergarten and a provisional elementary school.

Elementary school Drahelčice – Úhonice

At the beginning of 2024, the construction of the joint school Drahelčice – Úhonice was started.
Construction in the area of the former so-called Imperial estate in the southwestern part of the village of Drahelčice, which includes a primary school building, a gymnasium and an outdoor playground.

The proposed building is two-storey with a gable roof and is still close to the original mass of the farmhouse. On the contrary, the gym building is designed as a simple modern building with a green roof. The building’s facades are simple, regularly divided by large glazed areas, ensuring sufficient daylight.
Next, a dining room and meal preparation are designed. All primary classrooms are designed for the maximum permissible capacity (i.e. 30 pupils, a total of 540 pupils).

According to the plan, classes at the school should start from September 2025.

Village for living

The village of Drahelčice is a new part of the National Network of Healthy Cities. Our municipality is one of the healthy municipalities that try to involve its citizens in community life.

Life On Little Rose

In the Na Malé Růži community, the comfort of neighborly coexistence is combined with active participation in various events that we regularly organize for you. Competitions, social events and community newspapers are the basis for strengthening relationships. The atmosphere here is enriched by shared experiences that transform everyday life into something special.

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