BINGO for trips

BINGO is a great game for outdoors and at home. Children will walk the whole route without talking back. They will run it with ease and no walk will be boring anymore.

Outdoor game rules

Each player receives a card with 25 randomly selected pictures at the beginning. During the walk, they then gradually cross out the pictures they see in their surroundings. For each line (row, column, diagonal) crossed out, the player gets 1 point. The first player to cross out the entire line calls out “BINGO” and receives an extra 2 points as a bonus. An additional 2 point bonus is for crossing out all the boxes on the card. The game ends when you reach the finish line, or as agreed.

You can download the playing cards here.

If you can’t get out

The game can be played comfortably at home. Here you have all the pictures in one file. Cut them out and place them on the table picture side down. Each player chooses one playing card. The one who is not playing turns the pictures on the table one by one and the players cross out the same as if they saw the pictures in nature. The first player to cross off a line (row, column, diagonal) calls out “BINGO” and wins. Then you can either start over or continue until someone has crossed out all the pictures.